Student life

Since its establishment in 2009, the Centre for Gender Studies has so far enrolled 5 cohorts, the current cohort being the 5th. These include both female and male students, although the majority are usually female students. To-date, the Centre has graduated 2 cohorts. Our students are composed of staff from the public sector, international organizations, the private sector, NGOs as well as those who are self-employed. Majority of the students are full time employees. 21 students in the 1st Cohort, 3 students from the 2nd Cohort, 1 student from the 4th Cohort, and 1 student from the 5th cohort received partial scholarships from the NORAD Fund. The rest of the students are usually sponsored by their employers while others are self-sponsored.

- Mr. Gideon Katungi – Principal Class Representative
Telephone: (+250) 789686523

- Ms. Odile Mukayiranga – Deputy Class Representative
Telephone: (+250) 788309178