Welcome message from ag Director,Center for Gender Studies Dr Josephine MUKABERA

The Centre for Gender Studies (CGS) is one of the Academic Centres within the College of Arts and Social Sciences (CASS). It was founded in March 2009 to support the Government of Rwanda’s objective of promoting gender equality and women’s empowerment.The main aim of the Centre is to train gender experts and practitioners, to stimulate research and documentation in gender fields, and to build the networks and partnerships needed to promote community gender awareness at the local, national, regional and international levels.

Rwanda continues to be a model country in political commitment to gender equality and women’s empowerment in the Great Lakes region, Africa and around the world. However, there are still gaps between theory, policy and practice. Therefore, CGS started with a Master’s program in Gender and Development, the first of its kind offered in Rwanda to equip both national and international students with the analytical and conceptual skills needed to understand and address gender issues in different development contexts. Graduates are enabled to participate effectively in research, policy making, and development of Rwanda, East Africa and beyond.  

The Centre’s long-term goal is to become a Centre of Excellence producing professionally qualified academics and leaders for the public service, the private sector and civil society in a high quality research environment that engages in policy development, multi-cultural, interdisciplinary exchange and community service in gender research and studies.

Dr Josephine MUKABERA

ag.Director,Center for Gender Studies