Brief report on Blended Learning Training

Between Monday 10th – Friday 14th August 2020, academic staff at the Centre for Gender Studies (CGS) academic staff joined fellow UR colleagues in a series of training sessions organized for lecturers across all University of Rwanda campuses.  The training sessions were organized separately under respective colleges in preparation for the return of UR students soon.  The aim of these session was to further enhance UR lecturers’ skills in blended Learning, Teaching and Assessment (LTA).  Lecturers were first and foremost introduced to 2 key tools namely, the Partnership for Enhanced and Blended Learning (PEBL) template for developing modules as well as the Storyboard template that is also useful in blended learning course development. In short lecturers spent 5 days were spent gaining and sharing more knowledge on blended learning, most especially online learning. To sum it up, lecturers were trained on ‘Constructive alignment of learning outcomes, learning activities and learning resources to enhance students’ engagement in a blended approach to LTA”. The training sessions across all campuses were facilitated by ODeL Champions and Officers. 

CGS staff who participated in this training, included Dr. Josephine Mukabera (Ag, Director CGS). Rev. Dr. Innocent Iyakaremye, Mr. Edward Katwaza, Ms. Laetitia U. Kagisha.  Ms. Jane Umutoni participated as one of CASS eLearning Champions thus a facilitator/trainer together with Dr. Straton Rurangirwa (CASS DTLE, Dr. Ismail A. Buchanan & Mr. Theoneste Ntalindwa.  Photos from the training below:


UR-CASS, Centre for Gender Studies