Dr Josephine MUKABERA

She is holding a PhD in Interdisciplinary Gender Studies from Seoul National University/ South Korea, an MA degree in Development Studies from Kimmage Development Studies Centre in Ireland, and Advanced Diploma in Mental Health Nursing from Kigali Health Institute (University of Rwanda). She has a work experience of 15 years in trauma counseling and community development and 8 years of teaching at Protestant Institute of Arts and Social Sciences. She is experienced in research related to women’s participation in leadership and politics. In her professional career, she has participated to international scientific conferences on Gender equality where she made oral presentations in South Korea 2013, 2014, 2015 and at GENEVA in 2018. She got an Award of BEST ESSAY on African Development in South Korea in 2013.

Her current research activities are mainly focused on the effects of political gender quotas on the Patriarcal Society towards Gender Equality in Rwanda. She has published 7 papers in the following journals as the main author :
(1) Issues in Feminism, volume 15, No1 : pp.249-296- 2014- Korean Women’s Studies Institute ;
(2) Globethics (online publication) (2017)- Geneva.
(3)PIASS Publication Series No 2:pp.101-115- 2012 ; 
(4) PIASS Publication Series No 6:pp.183-2013. 
(5) PIASS Publication Series No 12:pp.299-330- 2018- Rwanda.
(6)PIASS  Publication Series- 2016 

(7)Women’s political representation in Rwanda: analyzing how A quota system increases female leadership and changes A patriarchal society towards gender equality. African journal of Democracy and Governance: Volume 6, No 2&3, 2019.


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ag.Director, Center for Gender Studies